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Some router companies use as their router’s default gateway, this class A IP address is also a private IP address used only in private networks, such as home LAN network, office LAN network. Not only routers use it, some modems and other networks devices including webcams and DVRs use it too. As you know in a network, all IPs are unique, so there must be only one device bind with, or there will be some conflicts.

What is IP address

All routers play very important roles in their network, if your network’s gateway is pointed to, then it must be your router’s IP address. This IP address manages your private network’s gateway, all traffic goes through its device, all network definition and configuration are managed in it too. Within the admin panel, you would find network security options, wireless options, DHCP options, LAN options and so on.

How to setup your router with

It is recommended to check whether your network terminals including computers or mobile phones are in the same network with your router. Then you need to log into it to manage and change the options:

  • Open your browser and enter at its address bar
    You need to enter router’s username and password at the login page. If you don’t remember them, here’s a guide ‘how to recover router password’.
  • Find the LAN section to setup gateway and subnet mask.
  • Find the ADSL section to fill in username and password that you get from your network provider.
  • Check the Wireless section to manage whether you need to turn on wireless function.
  • Check the Security section to manage router password.

If you need to turn on the wireless function, make sure to choose a strong password and select WPE or WPA encryption method, these steps will ensure your router and WIFI security.
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Problems of using

Many users have come across problems that their routers are always disconnected. First you need to check whether your computer is infected by viruses, second is to check whether a firewall is configured inappropriately, then try to ping to see whether it works. For WIFI disconnection problems, you need to inspect your router very carefully whether the antenna are broken or other hardware parts are not functioning correctly, then check the LED lights on your router whether all relating ports are working fine. The last step is to check ADSL username and password are correct, this will determine whether your device be connect to the internet.

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